PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #389 (Oct. 8, 2019)

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#389 – OCTOBER 8, 2019View in Browser » Get Started With Django: Build a Portfolio App In this course, you’ll learn the basics of creating powerful web applications with Django, a Python web framework. You’ll build a portfolio website to showcase your web development projects, complete with a fully functioning blog.REAL PYTHON video Auto Formatters for Python An auto formatter is a tool that will format your code in a way it complies with the tool or any other standard it set. But which auto formatter should you use with Python code?KEVIN PETERS • Shared by Kevin Peters Monitor Your Python Applications With Datadog’s Distributed Tracing and APM Debug and optimize your code by tracing requests across web servers, databases, and services in your environment—and seamlessly correlate those traces with metrics and logs to troubleshoot issues. Try Datadog in your environment with a free 14-day trial →DATADOG sponsor Timsort: The Fastest Sorting Algorithm You’ve Never Heard Of CPython uses Timsort for sorting containers. Timsort is a fast O(n log n) stable sorting algorithm built for the real world — not constructed in academia.BRANDON SKERRITT PyPy’s New JSON Parser PyPy has a new and faster JSON parser implementation. This post covers the design decisions that were made to develop the new and improved parser.PYPY STATUS BLOG Automatically Reloading Python Modules With %autoreload Tired of having to reload a module each time you change it? IPython’s %autoreload to the rescue!SEBASTIAN WITOWSKI Six Django Template Tags Not Often Used in Tutorials {% for … %} {% empty %} {% endfor %} anyone?MEDIUM.COM/@HIGHCENBURG (Floating Point) Numbers, They Lie When and why 2 + 2 = 4.00000000000000000001…GLYPH LEFKOWITZ Python 2.7 Retirement Countdown: ~2.5 Months PYTHONCLOCK.ORG Discussions What’s Your Favorite Python Library? Twitter discussion about everyone’s best-loved Python libraries. What’s your personal favorite?MIKE DRISCOLL Python Jobs Full Stack Developer (Toronto, ON, Canada) Beanfield Metroconnect Backend Developer (Kfar Saba, Israel) 3DSignals More Python Jobs >>> Articles & Tutorials How Dictionaries Are Implemented in CPython Learn what hash tables are, why you would use them, and how they’re used to implement dictionaries in the most popular Python interpreter: CPython.DATA-STRUCTURES-IN-PRACTICE.COM Building a Python C Extension Module Learn how to write Python interfaces in C. Find out how to invoke C functions from within Python and build Python C extension modules. You’ll learn how to parse arguments, return values, and raise custom exceptions using the Python API.REAL PYTHON Automated Python Code Reviews, Directly From Your Git Workflow Codacy lets developers spend more time shipping code and less time fixing it. Set custom standards and automatically track quality measures like coverage, duplication, complexity and errors. Integrates with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket, and works with 28 different languages. Get started today for free →CODACY sponsor Is Rectified Adam Actually Better Than Adam? “Is the Rectified Adam (RAdam) optimizer actually better than the standard Adam optimizer? According to my 24 experiments, the answer is no, typically not (but there are cases where you do want to use it instead of Adam).”ADRIAN ROSEBROCK Using the Python zip() Function for Parallel Iteration How to use Python’s built-in zip() function to solve common programming problems. You’ll learn how to traverse multiple iterables in parallel and create dictionaries with just a few lines of code.REAL PYTHON How Is Python 2 Supported in RHEL After 2020? What the Py 2.x end-of-life deadline means in practice, e.g. “Just because the PSF consider Python 2 unsupported does not mean that Python 2 is unsupported within RHEL.” Also see the related discussion on Hacker News.REDHAT.COM Principal Component Analysis (PCA) With Python, From Scratch Derive PCA from first principles and implement a working version in Python by writing all the linear algebra code from scratch. Nice tutorial!ORAN LOONEY Winning the Python Software Interview Tips on acing your Python coding interview, PSF has a new Code of Conduct, and regex testing tools.PYTHON BYTES FM podcast Analyzing the Stack Overflow Survey With Python and Pandas Do your own data science exploration and analysis on the annual developer survey’s dataset.MOSHE ZADKA Python 2 EOL: Are You Prepared? Take Our Survey for a Chance to Win a Drone! Python 2 End of Life is coming soon. Please take our 5-minute survey to let us know how you’re preparing for the change. You’ll get the final results, plus the chance to win a camera drone. Thanks for your time!ACTIVESTATE sponsor How to Add Maps to Django Web App Projects With Mapbox Learn how to add maps and location-based data to your web applications using Mapbox.MATT MAKAI Coding a Simplex Solver From Scratch With Python OLE KRÖGER Write Your Own DNS Server in Python Hosted on Kubernetes NEERAN GUL Turn Python Scripts Into Beautiful ML Tools With Streamlit ADRIEN TREUILLE Python and Fast HTTP Clients JULIEN DANJOU Hiding Items From the Legend in Matplotlib ROBIN WILSON Projects & Code re-assert: Show Where Your Regex Match Assertion Failed GITHUB.COM/ASOTTILE PyWaffle: Make Waffle Charts in Python GITHUB.COM/GYLI • Shared by Guangyang Li imagededup: Finding Duplicate Images Made Easy GITHUB.COM/IDEALO django-stubs: PEP-484 Type Checking Stubs for Django GITHUB.COM/TYPEDDJANGO flask-swagger-types: Swagger API Spec Generator and Type Checker for Flask GITHUB.COM/PLAINAS pybind11: Seamless Operability Between C++11 and Python PYBIND11.READTHEDOCS.IO pyflow: Dependency and Version Management System for Python GITHUB.COM/DAVID-OCONNOR pycld3: Python 3 Bindings for the Compact Language Detector V3 (CLD3) BRAD SOLOMON Events SciPy Latam October 8 to October 11, 2019SCIPYLA.ORG PyCon ZA 2019 October 9 to October 14, 2019PYCON.ORG PyConDE & PyData Berlin 2019 October 9 to October 12, 2019PYCON.ORG Python Miami October 12 to October 13, 2019PYTHONDEVELOPERSMIAMI.COM PyCon Pakistan 2019 October 12 to October 13, 2019PYCON.PK PyCon India 2019 October 12 to October 16, 2019PYCON.ORG PyCode Conference 2019 October 14 to October 17, 2019PYCODE-CONFERENCE.ORG Happy Pythoning!This was PyCoder’s Weekly Issue #389.View in Browser » [ Subscribe to 🐍 PyCoder’s Weekly 💌 – Get the best Python news, articles, and tutorials delivered to your inbox once a week >> Click here to learn more […]
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